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How Fast Will A 250cc Dune Buggy Go How Fast Would I Outgrow The Honda Nighthawk 250 Or The Kawasaki 250?

How fast would I outgrow the honda nighthawk 250 or the kawasaki 250? - how fast will a 250cc dune buggy go

I'm an uncle 20 years, I am 6'2 160 pounds 95% of the muscles and bones = athletic. Anyway, I will get my license as M1, but I usually MSF course start until 7 November, I already got my letter and my permission. I know that I received my license in three days. So, I think, although I am a beginner I think a 250 is not just for me enough in the long run. I'm sure Honda 250 motorcycle nighhawk good reliability, air-cooled light, fresh, but sees only the engine is 234cc, and too slow to take on the highway. The 250R is more powerful defensiveaccelerationn Kawasaki 250, but not enough on the highway. I need a bike that has the power to drive at highway speeds, because I will use the highways from time to time to visit my friend in San Jose and I live in SACRAMENTO and the area 2 hours drive from San Jose CA. Personally I do not think a 250 to cut myself, not for long. I thought it a Harley Davidson Sportster, but very much as the # 1 Harley have 553 pounds to be exact, # 2, I think Harley is for older people who never saw 20 years traveling on a Harley. So you can recommend to him, the motorcycle, which should I buy? The only plan to buy an ounce of bicycles, and have at least 2-3 years before the upgrade and did not intend to not more than 3000 or a used bike 3550.00 to spend. So who comments on the bike I should buy it, has a low weight of less than 400 or 350 pounds, the defense has a high enough speed and power on the freeway, deep in the safe, reliable and of course no problem, the start of coAP. I would be happy is your honest answer, be specific on the model of the bike. Can not wait to hear your answers. Thank you.


great_wh... said...

Are you still could be higher, but I can remember, the longer you go the more you spend on insurance and gas.

Most people say it is a sports 600cc bike with something like a Ninja 250R. You can get a 2002-2004 600cc cheaper, but if you think about all the costs you pay.

Keep in a greater machine greater security for you and probably the record will be, depending on where you live.

See what happens one year for each wheel and check to see what fits your budget.

chicagod... said...

It is a great guy, not curious, you can manage more than 300 pounds. Besides, it's a bit too big for 250 new or not.

I am against the theory of the new riders should buy a 250, could go well, but in the first week after turning themselves feel more comfortable and beyond. Especially in a cruiser, it's not like a sport bike, where you get used to the acceleration at startup. Since I have never traveled before starting on a Suzuki Intruder 800 and never dropped or had problems with power surprised me at first, but as long as you feel comfortable with the neighborhoods and parks parking lot before reaching the highway your all good.

As for the Highway 250 should never go on the road, including a senior in him. Do not go with anythign less than 600 I have a lot on my bike. Suzuki Intruder is 94, had only 1700 miles on this and was in great form as the owner, that in the course of 100 mph lol. Looking for an old bike with low mileage and you can find a great biketheir price range.

In terms of weight, if your not a Goldwing, I think there is little difference between 400 pounds and 600 pounds. Cruises are usually a little hearvier sport bikes, but also closer to the ground and a stable configuration on sport bikes. My cruise to a very light 800 is only about 440 pounds. . Good luck

bikinkaw... said...

Buy a 250 and I am sure you are looking for a bigger bike in 6 months, max. You are a strong young man, or a sports car in the 600 and larger cruise or a 700cc or more.

Honda Shadow 750 is a pleasant drive, none of the 700-800cc Suzuki Intruders (which were built many years without any changes, so even an older that has parts available), Kawasaki Concours 1000 cc (also built there 20 years without change heavier, but much faster and fairing and bags) are all the bikes that you could drive across town or across country.

The reason you see more guys Harleys because they usually older children who have to buy the $ and not affected by the power and speed. The 883 is a good bike, but ordinary, pre-2007 (?) Sportster motor mounted and vibrates strong enough to be inconvenient. The most recent are rubber mounted and combined cycles. Harley Sportster Some people consider a woman a bike, but I do not think that there is a Harley rider that must be considered against that & #039; are young, and it is your first bike.

Remember that sport bikes are fast and fun, but not always relaxing walk long distances. If you want to run a McDonald's Egg McMuffin and get home before it cools, a sport bike is the right way. If you go to the next stage of the Egg McMuffin, then you need a real car or bicycle.

Wind are great and do not use the most people ever. Harley has a screen that can be removed in about 5 seconds. Bags are also great when you have to do something bigger than the wallet. The permanently mounted is good if the safety and protection from rain is important. Real cowboys, leather bags were also good on a bike like the horse, they are intended. Throw them on the seat behind you, hook a couple of bungee cords and just ready to go. You are not the test of time and if you think it will rain, it is necessary to place items in a sealed plastic bag.

Believe me, you are strong enough to handle a motorcycle more than 400 pounds. I am 52 years old, 165 # and pretty muscular (I close) and complete walk # 960, 6-cylinder Kawasaki toilet. If I can handle, you can easily manage Contest # 550-600.

edwolb said...

I've just finished my first bike, so I spent my internship a motorcycle a few weeks ago. Is probably a motorcycle in the 125cc class, which is perfect for the first climb, but there is no way to take it on the highway. Your life is undoubtedly a weekend.

I bought a 1982 Honda Nighthawk 450, and I think that have the perfect balance between mind and ease of learning. It remains for me to take on the highway, but on certain roads in the country was up to 70 mph easily. In hindsight, I would personally) with 400-500cc stay (a light cruiser.

As for the weight, which he rates a couple of cruises Kawasaki 125, which are heavier made in the course. I expect to take the course to a bike or two to try and find out what bothers you and what you are on certain bikes. I found the ride to be too heavy, slow speed even more difficult. My Nighthawk is about 395 kg dry weight, and all good to me, you can always surprise me still sometimes. You have not yet fallen!

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